The series powder filling and emptying systems TORRICELLI AND MAS, either with a single powder or with a double filling powder, have been developed in their technological characteristics to make them conform to the characteristics imposed by the 2017 Budget Law, "INDUSTRY 4.0".
Therefore these plants are included in the tax relief of HYPER-AMORTIZATION AT 250%.

Touch screen control panel for the system


  • Control by PLC;
  • Interconnection to factory IT systems with remote loading of instructions and / or part programs;
  • Automated integration with the factory logistics system and / or with other machines in the production cycle;
  • Simple and intuitive man-machine interface;
  • Compliance with the latest safety standards;
  • Remote maintenance, remote diagnosis and remote control systems;
  • Continuous monitoring of working conditions and process parameters by means of suitable sensor sets:


  • Filling head with battery of the plant automation solenoid valves.

    The management of the work phases is applied through a simple and intuitive touch screen, eliminating the possibility of error;

  • Maximum weight accuracy and filling speed 1 kg / sec. in fast filling phase;
  • System also equipped with slow filling for small tanks;
  • Unlimited weight memories;
  • Dust recovery and suction system at the end of the cycle to avoid dust spillage in the workplace.


  • The system has three emptying modes:
  • A flex tube with dip tube, an AP tube with quick coupling for wheeled vehicles, a rubber flange with calibrated hole for direct emptying of the portable pressurized fire extinguishers without removing the hose;
  • Dust pre-containment tank of about 350 kg with pneumatic emptying valve of 250 mm DN
  • Vacuum pump 150 mc / h 3.3 Kw. 380 V


  • ASRA, pneumatic system for convenient and fast pneumatic activation of direct emptying on a rubberized flange;
  • SBS final tank reclamation system with pneumatic pedal activation


MAS 4.0 and 4.0D

With double tank for two types of powder Production of up to 1100 6 kg fire extinguishers in 8 hours The MAS 4.0D equipment allows you to make the qualitative leap in the production of portable and wheeled fire extinguishers from 1 to 100 kg. of capacity. The MAS 4.0D is equipped with double [...]


Unit for screwing and unscrewing powder fire extinguishers.

TORRICELLI 4.0 and 4.0D

Integrated semi-automatic system for emptying and filling powder fire extinguishers Up to 120 revisions of 6 kg fire extinguishers in 8 hours TOR4.0 Integrated semi-automatic system for emptying and filling powder fire extinguishers in the version with double tank for the management of 2 types of powder TOR4.0D INFORMATION [...]