MAYA LINEAVITA is a new brand born from many years of experience in the field of fall arrest devices compliant with UNI EN 795/2002 for the prevention of falls from a height of AESSE srl, a manufacturer of these devices.

The new line of MAIA LINEAVITA fall protection devices has the objective of combining the efficiency and functionality of each fall protection system, while guaranteeing high safety standards and total freedom of sizing of the various articles, being direct producers of them, therefore exempt from any constructive and formal constraints.

The production and assembly of the components takes place within our company, in which all checks are carried out in compliance with the regulations in force, necessary for the testing and certification of MAIA LINEA VITA brand products.

We also provide our staff with a complete service ranging from:

Design, customized for any type of structure and need, with inspections and targeted studies to identify the most suitable functional solution for the building;
Production, directly in the company, of every type of fall arrest device, checking and verifying the quality of each single element, in total compliance with current regulations;

Installation of our lifelines with personnel inside the company, duly trained and prepared on the methods of fixing and positioning the fall arrest devices;
Certification, all components and or services provided by our company are certified according to current regulations:
Maintenance, our company is able to offer an adequate periodic maintenance service, required by law on any type of life line installed on the roof. Acting directly for the replacement of deteriorated or damaged parts.